Tara Reid Bikini Pictures are Sexy Too

From time to time I get emails from readers telling me that I think all women should be stick thin, and have big boobs, and that I basically have some fetish for anorexic girls. I don’t. I’m not against big boobs, but in general, any boobs will do, as long as they aren’t stuffed with plastic like a Thanksgiving turkey. And as for girls so skinny they look like they just escaped from a concentration camp, I’m pretty sure I’ve always said that’s disgusting. Case in point: These Tara Reid bikini pictures.

Tara Reid has fake breasts (gross ones at that), legs so skinny they don’t look physically capable of holding up her over-sized fake breasts, and that wonderful orange glow you can only get out of a can. And while it’s true I’m not a tremendous fan of the Jennifer Love Hewitt style junk-in-the-trunk look, that doesn’t mean I like girls who think cocaine is the best diet food.

Photo credit: X17