Sharon Stone Nipple Slip – The Last of 2007


If you thought that the Nicolette Sheridan nipple slip we saw last week would be the last one for the year, well, there’s always time for one more, and now the distinction of Last Nipple Slip of 2007 goes to these Sharon Stone nipple slip pictures.

And you’ve got to really appreciate this nipple slip, because Sharon’s actually wearing two shirts, and her nipples still manage to show through. First, they wiggled their way out of her tank top, and her see-through sweater on top was absolutely no match for the tenacity of her nipples.

Well done Sharon. I don’t know if you should be proud, but you are officially the final nipple slip of 2007. Now, lets just hope we get some new, and younger nipples in 2008.

Oh, and Happy New Year!