Jessica Alba Nude While Pregnant? No Way!

As you probably already know, it’s become the “in” thing for actresses to pose naked while they’re pregnant. But don’t expect to see any pictures of Jessica Alba nude and pregnant, because she says it’s not going to happen. According to The Sun, Jessica wants to keep her pregnancy “personal and private.”

Jessica Alba has no intention of following in the footsteps of Demi Moore, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and posing naked while pregnant.

Just a week after confirming that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Cash Warren, it has come to light the 26-year-old beauty has turned down THREE offers of baring all for glossy magazine covers.

A friend says: “Jessica keeps getting phone calls from magazines who want her to pose naked when is about seven months into her pregnancy. They know it will make their magazines sell.

“She had three offers on the first day, but she doesn’t intend to take any of them. She thinks her pregnancy is a personal and private thing.”

You know, for someone who wants to keep her pregnancy “personal and private,” Jessica Alba sure is talking about her pregnancy a lot. Either that girl needs to buy a dictionary, or just shut the fuck up already. I think she’s just pissed that Jamie Lynn spears stole her thunder. Don’t worry, we’ll soon see a major Battle of the Baby Bumps, and by the end of it, we’ll have seen more naked pregnant bellies than we can possibly handle.

Photo credit: WENN