Eva Mendes Nude for PETA

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You've got to hand it to PETA, if it wasn't for them, and their stalker-like devotion to all things furry, we wouldn't see nearly as many celebrities getting naked all the time. This time around they got Eva Mendes nude for their famous "I'd rather go naked" campaign, and it almost never happened. In an interview onthe PETA website, Eva admits she used to wear fur, but after receiving a letter from PETA, she was more than happy to strip off any fur she might have been wearing.

I wasn't familiar with PETA early in my career. I remember having my first premiere in New York City and being so naive that I didn't have a coat with me. My stylist sent me a fur wrap for the evening and I ignorantly wore it.

PETA then wrote me a beautiful letter commenting on my less-than-educated choice. I was so impressed that I vowed to them and myself to never wear real fur on the red carpet or in my life again.

See that. PETA really is doing a service for the Animal Kingdom and Mankind, as well. What could be more noble than saving cute little furry creatures, and then getting beautiful women to pose nude for it? They're doing the Lord's work.

And if that's not enough for you, here's Eva Mendes nude in the final issue of Jane magazine.

Update: I knew this picture of Eva Mendes naked looked familiar, and it is! It comes from this set of Eva Mendes nude pictures we posted back in March. Now, I'm not mad at PETA, per se, but it would be nice to get a little something new.

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