Hayden Panettiere is Yummy in Yellow

Now I’m sure most of the women out there reading this will already know what I’m talking about, and probably some of the guys, too, but wow, what a difference a good bra makes. Here’s Hayden Panettiere in a tight little yellow number, but boy does she look… good. So much so, in fact, that one might forget that our little Hayden isn’t actually so well endowed.

Just a few days ago, actually, we saw Hayden Panettiere in a tight shirt, and while she also looked good (for other reasons, namely the angle at which the pictures were taken), she didn’t quite look this good.

All that to say, a good bra can make or break the day. Oh, and Hayden Panettiere is getting better all the time. Getting so much better all the time.

Photo credit: Splash / Pacific Coast News