Are Victoria Beckham’s Breast Implants New(er)?

The Daily Mail is asking a rather pointed question: Did Victoria Beckham get new breast implants? It’s not a matter of whether her breasts are actually real or not, but if she’s had more work done to make her actually look normal. The speculation stems from these pictures which show Victoria’s breasts sitting quite a bit lower on her chest, especially compared to last year when she wore a very similar dress.

The Spice Girl stepped out at a television studio in Los Angeles this week looking much less perky in a certain area. Her once gravity-defying assets had moved in a direction more befitting to a 33-year-old mother of three.

This was in marked contrast to a year ago, when she was almost bursting out of a very similar dress in New York. Victoria was once forced to admit she had had breast implants in a court document for a libel trial.

It is unclear whether her new look is the result of further surgery.

Last night, her spokesman said: “I would say she is not wearing the push-up bra she normally wears, but I have not seen the pictures and I have no idea.”

So, new breasts? New bra? Or could it all just be as simple as maybe wearing a dress that actually fits her properly. Either way, the difference is obvious. Also obvious: Victoria Beckham still isn’t attractive.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News / Splash