The Real Eva Longoria “Sex Tape” Video

We’ve been searching high and low for that Eva Longoria sex tape we reported on earlier, and I think we may have found it. But it’s not quite the Eva Longoria sex tape you were expecting. Eva Longoria is in it, and it’s got the requisite “night-vision” effect, but calling it a sex tape might be a bit generous. Because there isn’t really any sex…

It’s a fake! Actually, it’s a spoof. The tape features Eva Longoria and “Perry Hilton” (no, not that Hilton – it’s actor Eric Christian Olson) fooling around in a hotel room. And when I say fooling around, I mean fooling around. As in making fools of themselves.

But you’ve got to hand it to Eva Longoria. Unlike some celebrities (*COUGH* Elisha Cuthbert *COUGH*) who get their high-powered lawyers to scare innocent little bloggers like myself, Eva gave her public what they wanted. Well, not really, but at least she was cool enough to play along. So here it is, the Eva Longoria “sex tape”: