Lindsay Lohan is a Damned Hippie

I’m not sure what exactly they’re teaching Lindsay Lohan in rehab, but it looks like they might have just replaced Lindsay’s crack rock with a peace pipe. This girl looks just as baked as she ever did, and this whole hippie-dippie shit is starting to worry me.

Lindsay Lohan is looking too relaxed. That’s not the girl we’ve grown to hate. Where’s bitchy Lindsay? Where’s freaky Lindsay? Don’t tell me that when she gets out of rehab she actually won’t be crashing any cars, because that would totally suck.

And speaking of getting out of rehab, Lindsay might actually be getting out today. We’ll keep you posted.

At least her boobs are still hot. What? You thought I might actually do a Lindsay Lohan post and not talk about her rack?

Photo credit: Flynet