Lindsay Lohan is a Playboy Bunny Possibility

Lindsay Lohan as a Playboy Bunny is a good reason she should stay sober. No, I’m not talking about Lindsay Lohan posting nude in Playboy magazine, though I wish I was. I’m talking about Lindsay Lohan playing the part of a Playboy Bunny in Brett Ratner‘s new movie about Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. According to E! Online, the part is hers, if she can just stay off the sauce.

Brett Ratner wouldn’t name names as to whom he’s looking to star in the très essential Hugh Hefner biopic he’s directing, but he did say he might consider working with his old pal Lindsay Lohan. “She’s very talented… if she’s sober,” he considered, in response to our Q on whether or not the rehabbed hottie could hack it. “She would be great as a Playboy Bunny.”

Yes, Lindsay Lohan would make a great Playboy Bunny. Especially if it involved being a very naked Playboy Bunny. And I think we all know that there’s only one thing that can possibly revive Lindsay Lohan’s career. Actually, make that two things. The right one, and the left.

And speaking of those two things, here they are hanging loose, and looking lovely. In case you’re not quite getting my subtle inuendo, I’m talking about Lindsay Lohan’s breasts.

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin