Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures Raise "Awareness" for the "Environment"

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What's the best way to save the whales? How about getting Hayden Panettiere in a bikini? Wait, what? Save the whales? Is this 1989 all over again? Not exactly, but don't tell Hayden. The Heroes hottie was in Taiji, Japan, protesting commercial fishing that kills hundreds of dolphins each year. And if you ask me, Hayden Panettiere bikini pictures are a damn good way to raise awareness about whatever the hell it is you're selling. Even hotter was the fact that the local fishermen wanted to have Hayden and company arrested, reports Surfline.

Hayden Panettiere, star of TVs hit series Heroes, paddled out on behalf of Save The Whales Again! She expressed that she felt the spirit of the dolphins who had been driven into the killing cove over the last 400 years.

We had a moment of silence for all the dolphins that had been killed here, said Panettiere, who uses her celebrity to protect dolphins and whales. It was highly emotional. I wished for peace and for no more pain at this beautiful yet tragic cove.

The Taiji fishermen, who defend the kills as part of their traditional fishing culture, had planned to stop the ceremony through force and police arrest. The possibility of a locally led resistance was averted by a dramatic last-minute turnaround. Rastovich was able to broker a meeting with area locals less than 12 hours before the paddle-out crew arrived unannounced at the killing cove.

Of course, if you actually did save all the dolphins, then there wouldn't be any reason to get Hayden Panettiere in a bikini anymore, so if you think about it, saving the whales has it's downside too. I say kill 'em all!

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