Britney Spears’ Topless Music Video

Britney Spears’ downward spiral continues, and even her latest music video for “Gimme More” isn’t immune to her bad decisions. In this un-cut version of the video, in which Britney Spears is basically a stripper (which she is in real life anyway), nothing is left to the imagination – not that you would really want to imagine Britney Spears naked. No, in this video we see Britney Spears topless, grabbing her breasts, and generally doing things we’d rather not see.

The only thing keeping up from completely poking our eyes out at this sight is the fact that Britney is wearing pasties, so we don’t actually have to see her drug taking, car crashing, saggy nipples. I really think pop stars should be treated like horses. Once they can’t run anymore, just take them out back and shoot them. It would just be so much better for everyone involved.