Are Beyonce’s Nipples Showing Through?

I’m not sure if my eyes are playing tricks on me, or if it’s just wishful thinking, but I’m pretty sure I can see some Beyonce nipple action going on through that green dress. It’s obvious that her dress is sheer, and even though she’d probably prefer that I pay attention to that lame cell phone she’s promoting, rather than her breasts, that’s not about to happen.

Anyway, hard to say for certain whether she’s really showing nip, but take a closer look and judge for yourself. If your boss catches you, just tell him your doing research. If he asks what the research is for, punch him in the neck and run away real quick. He would have probably fired you anyway for wasting time trying to find Beyonce’s nipples.

Okay, I might be crazy, but nipples or no, you can definitely see her double-sided tape beginning to fail. If only…

Photo credit: Splash