Vanessa Hudgens Lesbian Kissing Pictures

It’s starting to seem like with every other day, there’s another Vanessa Hudgens scandal. First there were those Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures that hit the net, and yesterday we told you about other possible Vanessa Hudgens nude photos, and today the hits just keep on coming. New pictures have surfaced featuring Vanessa Hudgens in lesbian, or pseudo-lesbian kiss action, which are sure to take Vanessa one step closer to Britney, Lindsay, and Paris-level notoriety.

Now you might think these “lesbian” pictures are no big deal. And yes, probably every teenage girl has pictures like this with their friends, but Vanessa Hudgens is a celebrity, and a naughty one at that. Add to that her “fall from grace” from being a clean-cut Disney star, and well, it makes it all the more delicious. Come to think of it, I think Britney Spears started out in the Mouseketeers…