Natalie Portman: Hot Legs

Update: Natalie Portman nude pictures from Hotel Chevalier!

Natalie Portman was out last night for a screening of her new short film Hotel Chevalier, in which we we see Natalie Portman’s naked ass, and she was looking as super-cute as always. Natalie was also showing off her sexy legs, which you wouldn’t really expect on a girl her size (she’s tiny).

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Natalie Portman’s amazing legs, but any opportunity is fine by me. Actually, just about any time I get to see any bit of Natalie Portman is fine by me. Like that time I stood outside her apartment in the rain with my binoculars…

More Natalie Portman pictures from the premiere of Hotel Chevalier after the jump.