Kim Kardashian’s Breast and Giant Ass in Playboy by “Accident”

If you have any idea who Kim Kardashian is, you’lve probably seen the Kim Kardashian sex tape, which means you’ve pretty much seen everything there is to see concerning Kim Kardashian. So why Playboy is announcing that she shows one breast and a naked ass in their new issue is beyond me.

And get this, according to Us Weekly, she wasn’t supposed to show anything at all. Yeah, that’s right. She was doing Playboy, and her breast “accidentally” slipped out.

A Playboy source tells Us that Kardashian’s shoot reveals more than originally planned. Though her body is mostly draped in sheets and jewelry, the source says that Kardashian “will show one boob, and her bare butt.”

Kardashian’s 12-page pictorial “will be one of the longest spreads Hef has done in a long time,” says the source. In fact, the source says, Kardashian and Hef are choosing the final photos for the spread today.

And of course, scenes from the Playboy shoot will show up in Kardashian’s upcoming E! reality show.

Of course. Kim Kardashian has a reality show. I guess that’s the way of the world. First you get the sex tape. Then you get the Playboy. Then you get the reality show. I can hear Tony Montana rolling over in his grave.

Then I believe you get made fun of incessently by bloggers. Then people hate you more than they already did. Then they forget about you completely. Then you’re on The Surreal Life, or some show about fat celebrities and the cycle starts all over again.

Isn’t the entertainment industry just awesome!?

Photo credit: Splash