Hayden Panettiere Will F#@&ing Kill You

Oh she may look all cute and innocent and short, but beware the wrath of Hayden Panettiere, for she is a formidable foe, and if it wasn’t for her publicist, she would rip your spine out through your throat and use it as dental floss. Or something like that.

Basically, Hayden wasn’t happy with a story written by Us Weekly about her break-up from Laguna Beach douche, Steven Colletti, and when she saw them on the red carpet at the Emmys, well, she kinda lost it, reports TV Guide.

Question: To help me cope with the fact that Heroes didn’t win anything, could you please tell me which Heroes heroine nearly came to blows with a reporter on the red carpet? — Danielle

Ausiello: Man, you guys are asking all the right questions this week. It’s almost like you can read my blog mind. Anyway, it was the unbreakable Hayden Panettiere who threatened to “kill” a staffer from Us Weekly over something she wrote about her in a recent issue. (Sources have since confirmed that it was this item that had HP’s barely legal panties in a bunch.) Just when it looked like Hayden was about to pull a Sylar on said reporter’s skull, her quick-thinking publicist grabbed her and scolded, “Not on the red carpet.” It was a classic Hollywood moment — and one I predict will be streaming all over the Internet by week’s end.

Now, I’m not saying that freakouts like these mean that Hayden Panettiere is necessarily going to turn out to be the next Lindsay Lohan, I’m just saying it’s extremely likely. But isn’t just so much fun to watch a sweet a little girl get corrupted by money and fame, and possibly other things that go along with money and fame?

Seriously, though, Hayden is totally the new Lindsay and I love it. If only she had bigger boobs… More Hayden Panettiere cheerleader goodness after the jump.

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin