Did Hilary Duff Get Breast Implants? Or Just a Really Good Bra?

Whoa! Where did those come from? If you’re wondering, I’m talking about Hilary Duff’s breasts (kind or a common theme today – and every other day too). Now, I’m not saying Hilary Duff definitely had breast implants, but it sure looks like it. Either that or she’s wearing a damn good bra.

Either way, Hilary’s boobs are looking mighty spherical, and almost Posh Spice-esque in their robo-ness. It’s actually kind of scary and arousing at the same time. Of course, the only way to settle this issue is to get a first-hand look, so Hilary, if you would…

More pictures of Hilary Duff’s bigger-looking breasts after the jump.