Confirmed: Natalie Portman’s Naked Ass is in Hotel Chevalier

In case you were skeptical the last time I told you about Natalie Portman’s nude scene in Hotel Chevalier, the new short film by Wes Anderson, I can now report that there is comfirmation that Natalie Portman’s naked ass will make it’s film debut, according to Mr. Skin.

In the Wes Anderson short, Hotel Chevalier, eight minutes in we have Jason Schwartzman beginning to undress Portman. After taking off her boots, he sits on the bed while she stands in front of him. He pulls down her pants revealing her panties. He then pulls them off and, voila, there’s Portman’s ass. Full view. No cutaways. No Goya body double. It’s a one shot and it’s all her. At 10 minutes in there’s another shot of Portman standing naked leaning on a dresser. We see just a little bit more ass but her clearly naked body covers strategically covers up the rest.

Now you might be thinking “So what, we’ve seen Natalie Portman’s ass before in Closer.” Which is true, but it wasn’t naked, and also, “SO WHAT!?” Who doesn’t want to see Natalie Portman’s ass again, naked or not? That’s what I thought. And speaking of seeing Natalie Portman’s ass again, here she is in the aforementioned Closer.