Christina Ricci Nipple Slip Pictures


Now here’s a funny one. Even being covered up with a tuxedo jacket couldn’t stop this Christina Ricci nipple slip from happening. Walking arm in arm with boyfriend (?) Chris Evans, and wearing his jacket, Christina Ricci’s nipple still managed to pop out, and say hi to all the paparazzi at club Box last night. Now that’s talent.

I think Christina Ricci’s nipple should get it’s own magic show. Watching her nipples escape from various situations would definitely be a lot more entertaining than watching David Blaine living in a water tank. Well, even watching Paris Hilton’s Herpes sores growing is more fun than watching David Blaine living in a water tank, but you know what I mean.

Okay, that was weird. Anyway, probably the best part of this picture is the expression on Chris Evans’ face. Someone looks guilty…