Tara Reid’s Ass Looks As Good As the Rest of Her

You know, I think it would probably be in Tara Reid‘s best interests to just not wear bikinis anymore. The thing is, she’s only wearing them to get attention, and while that plan is working for her, I’m not sure it’s really the kind of attention she would have wanted. Because Tara Reid doesn’t actually look good in a bikini, and everyone is saying it.

We’ve seen Tara Reid’s saggy belly, and her over-sized breasts, and today we have Tara’s sunken ass. It almost looks as though it’s trying to escape up into a certain hole, and get out of the spotlight. At least her ass is smarter than she is.

Please Tara, enough with the bikinis. What’s that? Why don’t I just stop posting Tara Reid bikini pictures? Shut up.

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Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin