Mena Suvari Bikini Pictures, Now With Less Hair

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Here are some nice Mena Suvari bikini pictures, but as you may have already noticed, probably the most interesting part of these pictures is not actually her bikini, but rather her newly shaven head, which combined with those oversized sunglasses of hers, makes Mena Suvari look like some kind of weird bikini-wearing insect.

Now, ever since seeing Natalie Portman bald in V for Vendetta, I have to admit that I find buzzed hair very sexy, but Mena Suvari might be moving me back in the other direction. I guess it's true, Natalie Portman can do anything.

I still think the last time we saw her in a bikini was better, because that time, Mena Suvari was topless, and she had longer hair. But who really cares about that? More Mena Suvari bikini pictures after the jump.

Photo credit: Splash

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