Jenna Jameson Uses Her Tongue


Jenna Jameson was at one time the biggest porn star in the world, but now she’s not. And we’re thankful. After seeing Jenna Jameson bikini pictures in which she looks like an anorexic Simpson’s cartoon version of herself, we had already lost any appreciation we might have had for the once sexy star. Add to that the fact that she removed her breast implants, and well, there isn’t much left to like (not that we actually like breast implants around here).

But this moment of passion between Jenna Jameson and boyfriend Tito Ortiz is by far the most disgusting image I’ve seen of her in my life. I’m not even going to go into it. It’s just gross. I’ve even decided to cover the offending kiss, to spare the eyes of those more delicate readers. If you want to lose your lunch, click the thumbnails to see the big pictures.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News