Hayden Panettiere Really Likes Short Shorts

Well, here’s Hayden Panettiere once again showing off her sexy legs in some very sexy short shorts. I’m telling you, guys, all we need is a couple more Hayden Panettiere bikini sightings, and maybe a drug bust or two, and she will officially replace Lindsay Lohan has Hollywood’s new “it” girl.

Of course, “it” will probably be herpes, or some other sexually transmitted disease (either that or an addiction to cocaine and alcohol), so maybe Hayden following in Lindsay’s footsteps wouldn’t be such a good thing. At least for her. I’m sure it would be a hell of a lot of fun for us.

Anyway, here’s Hayden having a stimulating conversation with a parking meter, and buying blank CDs at Best Buy. Fun!

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin