Cindy Crawford Topless Pictures


It’s been a good 10 years since she’s been a supermodel, but Cindy Crawford topless is still a very welcome sight. The former Queen of the Supermodels was caught taking time out in St. Tropez, and taking off her bikini to get some sun (on her breasts, as it were). Naturally, the paparazzi were there to capture every moment.

And naturally, Egotastic! will post every moment. So if you feel like reliving the 90s, what better way than Cindy Crawford topless and in her bikini!? Makes me feel like a kid again.

Update: The images have been removed temporarily, but they will be back on Thursday. Sorry.

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Updated update: It’s Thursday, and as promised, here are those Cindy Crawford topless pictures. Better late than never, right?

Photo credit: X17