Tara Reid’s Breasts are Lopsided


Poor Tara Reid. Is there no end to how ridiculous she looks? Just the other day we saw Tara Reid in a bikini, showing off her incredibly saggy stomach, and today she’s wearing a dress that shows just how bad her latest boob job was.

Now, you’d think the point of having breast implants would be to fix whatever problems there might have been, but apparently, for Tara, it’s just another excuse to show off just how clueless she is. It makes you wonder if she was drunk when she decided to have the surgery. Actually, it makes you wonder if her doctor was drunk when he performed the surgery.

Poor Tara. Poor, poor Tara. As luck would have it, The Daily Mail interviewed Tara about her botched surgeries, and here’s what she said:

Tara admitted: “I originally did it because I had one breast bigger than the other, but I also gained and lost weight so they were getting saggy and in Hollywood you have to look great.

But now she after having the procedures corrected, she said: “I feel like a girl again… I walk out of the shower now and it’s like wow I’m back.”

Sorry, Tara, not quite.

Oh, also, that dress is kinda see-through, so you know what that means: Nipples! Oh, wait. Tara Reid nipples. Crap.

More pictures of Tara Reid and her lopsided breasts after the jump.

Photo credit: Splash