Mary Louise Parker's Nude Weeds Ad

Mary Louise Parker isn't exactly what I'd call an Egotastic! regular, but she's definitely got what it takes to make the list (aside from any discernable cocaine addiction or issues with alcohol). Of course, when you take this ad for her show Weeds into account, which features Mary Louise Parker nude, wearing only a snake, and showing off her incredible, incredible ass (which I really hope hasn't been Photoshopped), not only has she made the list, but she gets major bonus points.

Now, you might think this is a pretty lowest-common-denominator way to get publicity for her show, and you'd be right, but the show is actually really good, so I'll forgive them. Though, I don't think I was ever mad that the show's producers asked Mary Louise Parker to get naked for their ad campaign. In fact, quite the opposite.

Click on the thumbnail for the full size pic, and that full size ass.

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