Abigail Clancy Topless / Nipple Slip / Bikini Pictures – That’s 3 in 1!


For those of you who don’t know, Abigail Clancy (aka Abi Clany, aka Abbey Clancy) is a British lingerie model, and she is really hot (kinda goes with the territory). She was also the runner-up on Britain’s Next Top Model in 2006. More importantly, though, she has managed to take a set of ordinary bikini pictures, and turn them into both nipple slip, and full-on topless pictures. Now that’s talented.

I’m not sure about the exact order of events in these pictures; Did she have a nipple slip and then decide to go all the way topless? Was she having trouble getting her bikini top back on after sunbathing? Or was it her boyfriend who wanted a peek for himself? We may never know for sure, and it probably doesn’t matter.

All that really matters is that we’ve got ourselves some bonafide 3-in-1 topless / nipple slip / bikini pictures, and you don’t see that everyday.

And because it’s kinda hard to tell just how hot Abigail Clancy is from these particular pictures, below are some bonus, traditional Abi Clancy bikini pictures which will blow your mind. More after the jump.