Sharon Stone Topless Pictures


I don’t know if anyone even cares about Sharon Stone topless pictures anymore, but here’s a bunch. Of course, these pictures made the cover of Italian magazine “Chi,” so I guess some people still care. Also, when some of those pictures show Sharon Stone pouring a glass of water down her bikini bottoms, well, that’s got to get your attention.

Now, I’m pretty sure everyone in the world has seen Sharon Stone’s breasts by now, but when you’re rounding 50, and still looking like this, well, you probably deserve a second look. Granted, Sharon Stone’s breasts are totally fake (that how come they point straight up), but that probably doesn’t matter right now.

And speaking of fake, check out how the magazine totally Photoshopped in the grass, and also Photoshopped Sharon’s hand to cover her nipples. Who knew the Italians would have a problem with nudity?