Kristin Bell is Yummy in Yellow

I love a little alliteration, and I also love Kristen Bell, so yippie on both counts. Kristen was at the premiere for Sicko last night, and looked lovely and leggy (Hey! More alliteration!) in her little yellow mini skirt.

In fact, not only did she look leggy, buy she looked a bit more busty than usual. She’s a petite girl, so no doubt it’s the effect of a well-constructed push-up bra, but the end result is the same: Kristen Bell looking totally yummy.

But what’s up with her male companion here? Is Veronica Mars dating Sylar!? And isn’t he just a bit too creepy to be with such a hottie? Yeah, I’m not happy about this one. See what happens when you don’t properly kill the bad guy, he runs away and scores with the likes of Kristen Bell. Way to go Peter Petrelli!

Tons more pictures of Kristen Bell after the jump, and don’t forget about those great Kristen Bell bikini pictures we saw recently.