Hello Indeed! Liv Tyler Gives Kate Bosworth Quite the Kiss on the Lips

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If I could write using sound effects, you'd be hearing the sound of grinding brakes, tires squealing on the pavement, and the dull thud of a car hitting a lamp post. Why? Because you know that's what happened to the first guy who saw Liv Tyler giving Kate Bosworth a big old kiss on the lips.

It's also the sound of my brain hitting the brakes, and doing a major double-take. And if you look closely, I think the same thing is going on inside Kate Bosworth's head, too. From the look on Kate's face in the first picture, I think she was just as shocked to be on the receiving end of Liv Tyler's full-on face grab. That's one hell of a greeting!

Who knew Liv Tyler was so very affectionate? And who knew that the sight of two hot and sexy actresses going at it wouldn't be enough to get Dax Shepard's engine revved up...

Photo credit: Flynet

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