Britney Spears is Naked. Don’t Look.


Well, here they, the pictures of Britney Spears naked that you new were bound to be coming out. With all her nipple slips, wardrobe malfunctions, and general ineptitude when it comes to keeping her clothes on, it’s really no surprise to see Britney Spears naked, just standing there, waiting for the paparazzi to take her pictures.

I really don’t understand how someone can be so entirely clueless. I’m pretty sure most people will close the curtain to the changing stall, and only open it when they have changed into whatever it is they are trying on. But not Britney Spears. No, she obviously doesn’t care who sees her naked, or topless, or whatever.

Who knows, maybe she’s just playing us all. I mean, just because everyone in the world thinks you are a pathetic, moronic, attention whore, who will do anything to get noticed, doesn’t mean she’s an idiot. It’s completely possible that everyone in the world is just really stupid, and Britney Spears is the smart one. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Photo credit: Splash