Kelly Brook’s Bikini is a Little Loose… Down There


It seems like this site has been hitting the same note pretty often lately, what with all the celebrity bikini pictures, but when it comes to Kelly Brook bikini pictures, there isn’t really much choice as to what to do with them. Besides, I’m pretty sure that if Kelly Brook wasn’t posing for bikini photos, she would have no reason for being, and would simply cease to exist. So in the spirit of not wanting Kelly Brook to vanish into thin air, ehre she is, once again, in a bikini.

Now, for those of you with sharp eyes, pay special attention to the photos of Kelly in the blue bikini, where she’s on all fours. You see, her bikini bottoms are hanging a bit loose, and well, you can see a little bit more than she would probably want you to. But that’s half the fun. Who am I kidding? That’s all the fun.

Tons more Kelly Brook bikini pictures after the jump.