Heidi Montag Wears Bikini, Gets Engaged, No One Cares

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So, according to Us Magazine, Heidi Montag and her total Douchebag of a boyfriend, Spencer Pratt have gotten engaged. I'm sure you don't care. I'm also sure it's just a stunt for them to get publicity. I'm also sure that if they even go through with getting married, that they'll be divorced inside of a month. I'm also sure that Heidi Montag is in a bikini, because if she wasn't, no one would ever pay attention to her, or her Douchebag boyfriend.

Whatever. Their relationship is more fake than her breasts. Just two very annoying people, being very annoying. Just let me know when Heidi is nude in Playboy. Until then, I don't care. More Heidi Montag bikini pictures after the jump.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

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