Hayden Panettiere is Too Hot to Be Too Young

Okay, Hayden Panettiere needs to turn 18, and she needs to do it now. Of course, there’s still over three months until she does, so all you guys out there leering at these pictures of Hayden Panettiere’s cleavage and sexy legs are still officially perverts. But for all you guys reading who are under 18, I think that’s kosher.

Now, if only Hayden Panettiere could control time like Hiro, instead of healing herself… She could already be 18 by now. At least I think that would work. What do you mean she doesn’t have any superpowers in real life? Yes she does. You’re full of it.

Tons more pictures of Hayden Panettiere looking amazing after the jump, so get clicking.

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News