Avril Lavigne Topless on the Cover of Blender

I think it’s official. These pictures of Avril Lavigne topless in Blender magazine are by far the hottest pictures ever taken of her. True, all the good stuff is covered up, but they are still the most revealing pictures of Avril Lavigne, and for my money, they are the sexiest.

From the tantalizing cover shot, which features the aforementioned Avril Lavigne topless picture, to the open leather jacket with nothing underneath, and the glimpses of side-boob, we’ve never seen Avril like this before. And damn does she look good.

Now, if anyone out there feels like sending in the negatives – or original digital images, since no one uses film anymore – of Avril Lavigne topless, without all that pesky text covering her breasts, you would definitely have the thanks of a grateful nation.