Victoria Beckham’s Nipples are Unstoppable


If you thought that a mere bra and black shirt could hold back Victoria Beckham’s nipples, then boy were you wrong. I don’t know what metal alloy, what blend of Titanium, Iron, and Uranium make up Posh Spice’s robotic nipples, but no flimsy fabric can keep them at bay.

The real question, naturally, is how the hell David Beckham hasn’t poked his eyes out yet on those things. Well, the answer is simple, that pretty-boy is obviously gay, and Robo-Spice here is his custom built android beard. Don’t believe me? Well how else would you explain nipples that are one inch in diameter, and almost as long?

You can further investigate the oddity of Victoria Beckham’s nipples in the rest of the pictures after the jump.

Photo credit: Splash / Flynet

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin / Pacific Coast News