Uma Thurman’s Breasts Are Saggy, but Still Fun

If you were impressed with the massive amounts of cleavage showing in last week’s Uma Thurman bikini post, then I think you’ll really enjoy this post. Well, maybe not enjoy. I guess it all depends on how you feel about Uma Thurman’s breasts, and how much strain their sagging is putting on her bikini top.

The thing about Uma Thurman in that bikini top, though, is that she would probably look a lot better in nothing at all. No, I’m not saying that to be all leacherous, and what not. I mean that as a bikini top, it’s definitely not doing her any favours, and I’m pretty sure that in reality, were she actually topless, she’d look great.

It all comes down to getting the right fit for the body, and obviously, this one isn’t working for Uma. But it is working for me, in regards to giving me a lot to write about (and look at). Who knows, maybe Uma should ask Tara Reid for bikini advice, but somehow I don’t think that would help.

You do have to at least give her props for not popping out, though. In a bikini that small, and poorly fitting, that takes talent.

Tons more of Uma Thurman and her saggy boobs after the jump.

Photo credit: Splash