Paris Hilton’s Ass Dates an Ass

Paris Hilton showed off her ass this weekend, and by ass, I mean her new boyfriend, Josh Henderson. Yes, she also showed off her actual ass in a dress that was too short, but there’s nothing really new about that.

Now, I don’t really know anything about the Josh Henderson fellow, but I do know that anyone who decides to date Paris Hilton, and therefor willfully expose themselves to Herpes, is automatically an ass. The only reason to ever be seen with Paris Hilton is to be seen with Paris Hilton. I just hope the Valtrex prescription is worth it. Also, with that smug grin, and poofy hair, he looks like an ass too.

At least Paris was actually wearing underwear. Though, why her underwear looks like a diaper, is another matter altogether.

Photo credit: Flynet / X17