Karolina Kurkova Topless Pictures


Well, it’s the weekend, and what better way to kick it off than with some very rare Karolina Kurkova topless pictures. This stunning Victoria’s Secret model was caught in mid wardrobe change at one of her photoshoots, and revealed quite a bit.

Besides seeing Karolina Kurkova’s nipple (which I can’t remember ever seeing before, unlike with other models), we can also see the various levels of bra-stuffing going on to make those Victoria’s Secret bras look so great. Most surprising of all is the use of “chicken cutlets” (one of which is still affixed to her breast), that you wouldn’t think would be necessary for a girl like Karolina.

It kind of changes the way you think about those catalogue photos, and probably ruins Victoria’s little secret, but not enough to ruin this particular moment of seeing Karolina Kurkova topless, I think. It also doesn’t ruin the moment of her taking off her panties, and fishing out her g-string wedgie.

Photo credit: INF Photo