Jessica Alba in Her Underwear is Enough Reason to See Good Luck Chuck

As far as acting ability goes, Jessica Alba leaves a lot to be desired, like acting ability for one. As far as being super hot goes, there is very little left wanting when it comes to Jessica Alba. And thankfully, the new trailer for Good Luck Chuck features a lot of Jessica Alba in her underwear, to help offset that previously mentioned lack of talent.

Of course, those keen-eyed readers out there will instantly notice some major similarities between this movie, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, which features a half naked Jessica Biel. From the title, to the plot, to the hot girl named Jessica stripping down to her underwear, you wouldn’t be wrong to think someone was copying someone else.

Of course, when the copying involves getting either Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel half naked, I don’t think you’ll really hear anyone complaining.

More screen cap pictures of Jessica Alba after the jump.