Jessica Alba Flashes Her Ass

So, the last time I checked, and I do a lot of checking, most dresses aren’t so see-through that they completely reveal everything underneath, but it would seem that isn’t the case here. While on set shooting a commercial for Revlon (in which her make-up actually doesn’t look very good), we got a nice flash of Jessica Alba’s ass, and her cute little white panties.

Of course, these pictures of Jessica Alba flashing her ass in her panties are a hell of a lot better than those pictures of Fergie’s panties, since, well, it is Jessica Alba, and as we all know, Jessica Alba has one of the best behinds in the known Universe. I don’t know about any unknown Universes, but I figure if there was a multidimensional “Who Has the Best Ass” contest, Jessica Alba would be top 5 for sure.

Whoa, kind of got a bit Sci-Fi there. Nevermind, just look at the pictures. More Jessica Alba pics after the jump.

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin