Did Pamela Anderson’s Baywatch Swimsuit Get Smaller, or Did Her Breasts Get Bigger?

No, you haven’t entered a time warp, and it isn’t 1992 all over again, so just relax. The reason that Pamela Anderson is back in her Baywatch swimsuit is because she is filming scenes for the new Baywatch movie DirectTV commercials.

Of course, some things have changed quite a bit since the Nineties. Namely, Pamela Anderson’s breasts. Literally. She gets those things rotated more often than my tires. In fact, I doubt these new titanium models she has in now will even bounce at all when she hits the beach running.

Check out more of Pamela Anderson in her Baywatch swimsuit after the jump, and think back to a simpler time when plaid shirts were in, and we didn’t even know what the hell the Internet was.

Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin