Yes, You Can Touch Anne Hathaway’s Breasts

Anne Hathaway is a cool chick for a lot of reasons, but one in particular catches my attention: She likes to talk about her breasts. Anne Hathaway talked about her nipples, and now she’s talking about letting Jake Gyllenhaal grab her breasts in Brokeback Mountain. According to The Sun, Jake was a bit embarassed, so Anne Hathaway just came out and said “Yes, you can touch my boobs.”

There was this scene in Brokeback Mountain where I get my kit off and I’m in the car with Jake Gyllenhaal and he’s touched my shoulder and he’s touched my stomach and he’s touched around my back. Everywhere except for, you know, “the girls“.

So the director yells cut and we go behind a screen and I’m putting my clothes back on and Jake comes up to me and says: ‘Annie, the thing is, the scene, in real life I would… and the director’s not yelling cut, so… can I?’

I just turned to him and said: “It’s okay Jake, yes, you can touch my boobs.”

See? Now all you have to do is become a famous, handsome actor, get cast in a movie with Anne Hathaway, make sure there’s a sex scene in it, ask nicely, and then you too can touch Anne Hathaway’s breast. Easy.

By the way, if you’d like to see the video of Jake Gyllenhaal grabbing Anne Hathaway’s breasts, it’s right here: Anne Hathaway nude video from Brokeback Mountain.

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