Paris Hilton and Jenna Jameson Together at Last

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If you're a fan of the TV show Heroes, you know that the Peter Petrelli character has the ability to absorb the powers of other heroes, but that if he absorbs too many powers at once, he will explode in a nuclear reaction.

Well, I think the same is true for Paris Hilton. Except, instead of absorbing super powers, she absorbs Skankiness. And right now, I'm really scared that having Paris Hilton in such close proximity to Jenna Jameson might cause a similar nuclear explosion. Or at the very least an unstoppable mutant Herpes epidemic.

Just look at them, though. Those two were made for each other. The lady in the back knows what's up though. She's trying to warn them, but they just won't listen.

More pictures of Paris Hilton and Jenna Jameson after the jump.

Photo credit: Splash

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