Michelle Rodriguez’s Bikini Line Needs a Wax

So, I know that some women don’t go for the whole “Brazilian” thing, and prefer the natural look, but Michelle Rodriguez has taken it to a whole new level. We’ve seen Michelle Rodriguez bikini pictures before, but never before have we seen so much emerging from her bikini bottoms. To say she’s got weeds down there is a bit of an understatement.

Actually, it’s a very accurate statement, since sea weed is exactly what Michelle Rodriguez has coming out of her bikini bottoms. I’m not sure what exactly is going on here, but I really hope that condition is curable. No wonder she’s wearing that sarong, though. I mean, would you want the whole world to see your “lady garden”? And what a garden it is.

Michelle, I know you like the whole “tough girl” image, and maybe now that you’re out of the closet, you feel like you can be your true self, but remember, hygiene is important too.

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Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin / Splash