Kate Bosworth is Very Sexy in V

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It's been quite a while since Kate Bosworth has appeared on Egotastic!, but let's face it, that girl lost her sex appeal about 25 pounds ago, and still hasn't found it. And even though Kate Bosworth is still ridiculously skinny, you can't deny that she looks amazing in the new issue of V Magazine.

Now, I don't know how much of her new look is thanks to make up, and how much is thanks to Photoshop, but it strikes me that they probably didn't have to lengthen her legs on the computer, since she's already so skinny. Of course, the kinky heels and leather outfits definitely up the sex appeal.

There is some definite Photoshopping going on in some of the other pictures though. From Kate's psychadelic face, to her melting body parts, it's nice to see the computer used in an artistic way, by photographer Mario Sorrenti, instead of just covering blemishes, and removing red-eye.

But I think the sexy boots are still the best part.

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