Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Breasts are Perfect…
for Selling Bras

If there’s one thing about Jennifer Love Hewitt that has consistently captivated audiences around the world, it’s actually two things. Yes, I’m talking about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts, but for good reason. No, I mean a better reason than just because she has really nice breasts.

Today I’m talking about Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts because they are the main focus of a new bra commercial for Hanes. Yes, the marketing gods have finally given us what we have always wanted: A legitimate reason to look at, examine, talk about, and admire Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts.

No, we’re not just being crass, lewd, and horny today, we’re examining the role of advertising in our society, and it’s effects on our psyches. Or something like that.

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