Elisha Cuthbert Needs to Ditch Paris Hilton

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Well, it looks like Elisha Cuthbert hasn't gotten any smarter in the last three months since she was last spotted hanging out with Paris Hilton. The duo were shopping this weekend, but as best we can tell, Elisha Cuthbert hasn't devolved into a Herpes-ridden skank, though the jury's still out on that one.

I still think that Paris Hilton will ruin Elisha Cuthbert, just like she ruined Britney Spears, so stay tuned to see whether Elisha Cuthbert goes crazy and shaves her head.

Who knows. Maybe the clothes Elisha bought were all picked out by Paris, and hopefully her skirts will getting much shorter. Then again, Elisha may be having the opposite effect on Paris, and frankly, that wouldn't be bad either.

More pictures of Elisha and Paris after the jump.

Photo credit: Splash and Flynet

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