Antonella Barba Nude in Playboy or Is She Doing Girls Gone Wild?

Antonella Barba, one of the sexiest, and naughtiest American Idol contestants to date, was voted off the show last night, but we probably haven’t seen the last of her yet. In fact, we may see much, much more. According to The Post Chronicle, Hugh Hefner has expressed interest in having Antonella Barba nude in Playboy magazine.

Antonella Barba nude in Playboy magazine? Could be. Laura Saltman of Access Hollywood was at the Playboy Mansion for the party celebrating the season three premiere of the E! channel’s ‘The Girls Next Door’, and asked for the Playboy boss’s take on the Antonella Barba racy photographs online controversy.

After showing Hugh Hefner the photos, he remarked, “She really looks sexy here.” Asked if he would consider making Antonella an offer to pose for Playboy should she be voted off ‘Idol’ early, Hef answered, “Very real possibility. Yes, absolutely.”

And if it doesn’t work out with Playboy, Antonella has a job offer from Girls Gone Wild to be a celebrity host in one of their videos. TMZ reports the deal is worth $250,000.

Joe Francis tells TMZ, “We have reached out to Antonella Barba through her family and are trying to reach her directly in order to offer her a hosting job for one of our upcoming video projects. Just like the American Idol judges, we at Girls Gone Wild are looking for a girl next door, with sexiness, attitude, a carefree spirit and a presence that will command the attention of the Nation.”

So if you’re sick of Antonella Barba, and are one of those who votd her off, sorry. But if like us, you think she’s really hot, here are some pictures of a half-naked Antonella Barba getting her wet T-shirt freak on at the World War II memorial in Washington D.C. Oh, didn’t I mention, she’s a classy girl, too.

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