The Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Exists

Most of your are lucky enough to have never even heard of Kim Kardashian. And there’s no reason you should have, except that she’s a Q-List level celebrity, and a friend of Paris Hilton. She also has a sex tape.

The Kim Kardashian sex tape has long been denied to exist, but Kim’s protestations were never exactly credible. Well, now the site is reporting that the Kim Kardashian sex tape has been bought for $1 Million by Vivid Entertainment. Yes, that Vivid. Also, there are reports of “Watersports” and other very raunchy activities.

So is $1 Million worth it for a sex tape from some slag no one even cares about? Well, she’s probably the next Paris Hilton, and we’ll probably be hearing from her for a long time, so maybe.

All I know is, this video looks suspiciously high-quality. I think Paris Hilton’s little Sex Tape Padawan was taking notes.

Watch the Video Trailer

Update: More Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Videos